I am deleting this blog, and making a new one. I will post it on here when it is finished Bye bye!

Here is my new blog! Just to make sure that you have seen my blog, post a comment on the first post just so I know,


I Miss Ya’ Joe!

As you can see, these are pictures of a pray mantis. Well, this is Joe, and he is- used, to be my pet. But, recently, he ate something he shouldn’t have, and died, while I was holding him in my hand. 😥 I named him Joe because he acted crazy like him… 😦


Thank you, Elmtrees!

I’d like to thank Elmtrees for the awesome banner she made me.


Guys, please don’t advertise here. It’s taking away all my hits. Well- I got the Cocker Spaniel, the Lil’ White Mouse, the Chicken, and the Lizzard:

Chicken: Clucky

Cocker Spaniel: Charlie

Lil’ Mouse; Nick

Lizzard: Izzie


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!!!


Hello peoples!!!

Hey everybody!! Here is some news:       There is now a Wish Factory  and I got the: Snake webkinz,Wacky Zingoz, and Bengal Tiger webkinz! If you like to take webkinz to school, I wouldn’t take the Wacky Zingoz if I were you…. I took mine to school, and during my MEANEST TEACHER’S class it went, “ZINGOOOOOOZ!!!” So… That’s just a warning…. LOL ILVDolls 

Hey people, this is an off topic, JONAS BROTHERS!!!! My uncle got me tickets to see the concert. Me Cassandra, (MY REAL name) And my BFFL Lorin are going to see the…. JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!! I might take pictures with my phone, and post them here. Bye bye!

P.S. JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!jonas-brothers-ta01.jpg