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My Black Stallion

(Ilvdolls) So, Midnight I am here to interview you for my blog… What do you have to say?

(Midnight) Well… I went through ALOT of life stuggles…Like when I was little I caught a bad case of broncitus… It’s like realy bad asthma. I had to get 5 tubes of blood taken out of my arm! And then there was this one time…

(Ilvdolls) Okay! TOO much information there Midnight! So… Do you have roomates? A favorite food? Toy?

(Midnight) I do have a room mate. I love him.

(Ilvdolls) Uh… Um… you… you “love him”?

(Midnight) Uh.. What I ment to say was… You got me!

(Ilvdolls) So, who is he?

(Midnight)  He’s a horse and his name rymes with Mirit…

(Ilvdolls) SPIRIT! What the??? What!!!! (Ilvdolls talkingto herself)  Okay calm yourself Ilvdolls… It’s the way of life… Okay! I’m okay. So, why didn’t you tell me???

(Midnight) I wanted to…

(Ilvdolls) Oh you are SO in trouble when we get home!! Anything els? (Then Midnight’s phone rings) *RING* *RING*

(Midnight) Let me get this one… (then she putsthe phone on speaker!)

(Spirit) Hi honey! So, we still up for that date?

(Midnight) Um… Spirit I’m gonna have to call you back…

(Ilvdolls) MIDNIGHT!

(Midnight) Got to go!

(Ilvdolls) Sorry folks! This is then end of our interveiw… And probably the end of your life Midnight!!!

(Midnight) OH SNAP!


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Lonley Google

My little Google is very lonley… Becuase well, it’s time for school. And I’m gone like half the whole day! So It would be nice if you guys could send him some books or games that he can play with while I’m gone. Thanks for your help!

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Singing Contest!

Hi everyone! This contest is a singing contest! You pick a webkinz to sing the song, then you pick the song for it to sing! Then you post it, and then I will be the judge and I will tell you what I think. Here is an example.

Under the Sea. From the Little Mermeid sound track.

Sung by: Nemo my black cat

Under the sea under the sea! Take it from me. Under the Sea you play all day! Under the sun you slave away. UNDER THE SEA!

Sorry I forgot the rest of the words! The reason why I picked Nemo is, because Nemo is the name of a fish. And this song is under the Sea. And what lives under the sea? Fish! So, you must pick a webkinz that fits with the song that you choose. Once you are done post your username, then I will tell you how many pionts you get. The rules are:

The song you choose can NOT have ANY bad words in it.

If you put a song that has bad words. Then you will be out of the contest. The Contest begins Sunday and ends next Saturday. The winner will be anouced on Saturday at 5:30. The prize is a complete out fit from the W shop! And not just any out fit, this is the new out fit! So good luck everyone!

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This Sunday at 5:30 in the red zone, I will be hoasting a party! And yes, Goodie Bags are included. Presents will not be nesasary. But, if you REALY want to send a present then, you may do so. Bedrooms are forbiden! If you happen to stumble upon one of my webkinz rooms… Then you MUST get out as fast as you can! You REALY don’t want to disturb my webkinz while they are sleeping! The rooms you may enter are:

Backyard, Game room, Bath room, Farm, Gym, Magic room, and the Kitchen.

 But, you must not enter any other room. ANYBODY may come! Just post your username, and I will add you. Then, once the party starts I will invite you. Remember to be wearing your party clothes! Bye!

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Magic School!

I have a specail room in my house, that’s made especialy for magic! But, the schoool has closed down, saddly. But, now that I have a blog, my school has a better chance! Ilvdolls proudly presents, Shaeward School of magic! Every one put your username and I will add you. That’s the only way for you to come. The school will be open Saturdays at 5:00 from 6:00 in the red zone. The rules are, you must stay in the same room! That’s it! Onley 1 rule! Since I can’t aford to by another room, that will be your onley class! The only thing you will be doing is, exploreing the room, chatting with new people, and watching T.V! Sounds cool huh? if you are interested, add me! My username is eluts, feel free to add me! The way you know that your little webkinz is a wizard is, you will get a letter saying come to my webkinz room! That means, your webkinz will be welcomed at Shaeward school of magic!I will send you your uniform once you’re on my list. Your uniform is the wizard hat! You will be able to wear that with ANY other type of clothing. As long as you wear the hat. Once I raise enough kinz cash, I will by new rooms, therefore you will have new classes! Classes of the future!

Care of magical creatures. And potions class!

Remember the rules, or you can end up in trouble! I have spotted Lord Voldamort walking the halls, if he finds you, who knows what could happen! Well that’s it! Bye! Hope you all come!

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Webkinz Visits

Here you can chat with other people, and make plans for their webkinz to come over to theirs! But NO webkinz relation ships! This section is just for making new friends and having them over to your webkinz house.

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My little sister is related to me and deserves a part of my site! So here are her webkinz!

Fluffy – Persian Cat

This is her first webkinz so it’s not much.

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