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Okay people I am having a giveaway this giveaway starts today and ends NEXT SATURDAY! RULES:

1. Post username only once

2. This page is ment ONLY for your username

3. You can only post your username 1 TIME ONLY!

4. Have fun!

This giveaway is for a 4 Wheel A.T.V. have fun! And good luck!


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Okay lately no one has been comin’ to my site! If no one comes to my site within’ 1 week I’ll have no choice but, to have to hire employees. I’m not coppying off of the people that are doing this also!

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Banner Problems!

Okay i need someone to PLEASE make me a Holloween Banner for my site! Please!

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The Glitch…

Okay people GREAT news! Today I checked to see if that Glitch was still goin’ around…. And it was GONE! Completely GONE! (Music) We did it! We did it! Oh yeah yeah yeah!!!!

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Meeting About The Webkinz Glitch…

One Night Professor Fuzzy and his other friends were having a meeting about the Webkinz Glitch. (Fuzzy Black Bear) There is no stoping the Darkness… (Said Fuzzy in a Sad Voice) (Shakespeare Tree Frog) Yes we will stop this! They have returned. (He said in a hushed tone) (Shakespeare) The chosen ones have come… (Fuzzy) That’s just a silly old myth! (Black Black Lab) This is no myth we are talkin’ about… If it was a myth why do you think this virus is goin’ around? (Fuzzy) It’s just a virus! But, what could be causing it? (Blackie) You ever heard of the movie Twitches? (Shakespeare) Uh huh. (Midnight) Well, the monster from Twitches is the one who is causing this. they are goin’ to save us! (Leo Lion) And who exacly are these chosen ones? (Blackie) Boo Black cat, Shadow Black Stallion, Ellie Lil’kinz Elephant, Twilight Black Cat, Midnight Black Stallion. Those are the ones. (Pinky Lil’kinz Pig) But, problem is. We have 17 zobified webkinz living in our own home! How can we stop this?!? (Fuzzy) I don’t know Pinky…(Blackie) Ya’ll are lucky you got your own rooms! I sleep in a room with a zombified webkinz in it!!!! (Leo) I call this meeting oficialy over!


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My POOR Webkinz!

these are pictures of my webkinz that have “The Glitch” So as you can see 17 of my webkinz have them…


 (Fuzzy was one day in his lab working on a cure) (Fuzzy) Almostgot it! Now let’s put it in the blender and…. THE CURE! IT’S DONE! (This is not the cure. This is just for fun)

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My Webkinz That Have the Glitch.

Here are my webkinz that have the Glitch. If you have any of these webkinz please check on them to see if they have it…

Springer – White Bunny

Swinger – Cheeky Monkey

Charm – Cheeky Cat

Cleo – Leopard

Cupcake – Blue Hippo

Ginger – Lil’kinz Pug

Mimi – White Terrier

Rose – Beagle

Coco – Chocolate Lab = Cooking With Coco

Roxy – Racoon

Mylie – Lil’kinz Unicorn

Spot – Dalmation

Rebeca – Alley Cat

Fifi – Pink Poodle

Chilly – Polar Bear

Spirit – Clydesdale

Flower – Pug

Well, saddly these are all my webkinz that have the “Zombie Glitch” if this thing keeps going around I will have to do something that i realy wished I didn’t have to do…. Divide my webkinz house. 1 side would be “Webkinz With the Glitch” And the other “Normal Webkinz” I hope that this thing will be solved. But, until then. This is Ilvdolls signing out! PEACE OUT! 😆

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