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Merry (Almost) Christmas to all!



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Webkinz World Newz!

plumpy.jpgnewz.jpgnewsinwebkinzworld.jpg This is the  Webkinz World Newz Paper. It is large enough to read, so… READ IT! LOL.

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Thanks Groovy!

Thanks Groovydudes for making me this totally awesome banner!

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Mumble’s Thanksgiving!

Here is a cute picture I made of Mumble. http://blingee.com/blingee/view/34076759-MumbleTurkeyDayFun I don’t know how to post it here, but, JUST LOOK AT IT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving day!!!!

happytday.jpgToday is a very special day people! It’s Thanksgiving, so BE THANKFUL!!! Here are some pictures to remind you to log in on

 mumbleday.pnghappythanksgiving.jpgwebkinz world today!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what? My Lil’kinz Tiger El Tigre, HIS B-DAY IS TODAY!!! HAPPY B-DAY EL TIGRE!!!

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My webkinz Penguin!

mumblehappyfeet.jpg That’s Mumble sleeping, aint he cute!

southpole.jpg This is a special item! (It only has a Banana in it though…) Well, that’s My little Mumble! Bye!

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The SNEEZING blues…

GREAT! Now, my sore throat is gone. BUT NOW I HAVE A COUGH WITH A COLD! WHY??????

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