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All my Christmas Presents!

Well, I forgot to post what I got for Christmas so… Here is is:

Seal Webkinz: Raindrop (Girl)

Seal Webkinz: Snowflake (Girl)

Pinto Webkinz: Chevy (Boy)

Turtle Webkinz: Sheldon (Boy)

Elephant Webkinz: Jumanji (Boy)

Collie Webkinz: Lex (Boy)

Husky Webkinz: Maya (Girl)

Spotted Frog Webkinz: Spotty (Boy)

Penguin Webkinz: Memphis (Boy)

Lil’kinz Monkey Webkinz: Banana (Boy)

Lil’kinz Basset Hound: Toph (Girl)

10 Webkinz out-fits

5 Nintendo Wii games

That’s about it…

Happy New Year!


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omgomg.jpgI just have three words to say for this…. OMG!!!

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Christmas is over…

Christmas is over and there’s one thing to say, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day!


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Boy was I lucky!

merrychristmas.pngI went to the Curio shop, it was… 10:59 and I saw the Arte Fact plush toy!!!! So, I bought it. When I checked the time to see how much longer they would keep it, it said 10:00-11:00 A.M!!!

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omg.jpgLOOK!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Sorry, I forgot to take off the Caps-Lock…

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New LogIn page!

newlog.jpgHey people, I have strangely woken up early today… (Probably because I thought there was school today when there actully wasn’t) And I went to the LogIn page in webkinz world, to notice that they changed it!

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It’s new though. It would mean ALOT if you would atleast check it out.

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